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Store, Share And Access All Your Files Using One Simple And Highly Secure Platform, Anytime And Anywhere You Go.

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Marketers Should Protect Their Content - Here’s How Viddle Interact Drive Helps...

Cloud Storage With Built-In Protection...

You’ll Never Lose Your Precious Data

You Don’t Have To Choose What’s Most Important - Back Up Everything You Want

Our Distributed Network Means Safe Keeping For Your Important Files

Only Available For A Limited Time

Files Are Secured With Our End-to-End Encryption

Beginner Friendly - No Coding, No HTML, CSS or JS To Figure Out -- It Just Works For You

Directly Deliver Content From Your Server To Your Websites

You Are Covered With Our Money Back Guarantee

Grab the Most Amazing Deal For Our Next-Level Cloud Storage Built For Viddle Interact While You Can!

Unlimited Storage

We started piling on megabytes, then gigabytes and ended up with so much storage, it’s virtually UNLIMITED.

(Actual storage is limited to 1TB, but you can delete unneeded files to add more)

Store & Host Unlimited Files

You can add all of your websites, webpages, every image, of course ALL your videos, even Powerpoint, Ebook, PDF, Audio files and more!

Unlimited Bandwidth

It doesn’t matter how much storage you have if you don’t have the bandwidth to download and upload at will. We’ve got ya covered!

Ultra-Fast File Delivery

Nobody likes lag...so we got rid of it. Our servers leave the others in the dust.

Encrypted Storage

One of the worst feelings is having your data hacked. With Fort Knox as our inspiration, we created tech to protect your data from prying eyes and ransom-ware. Your data is safe with Viddle 



Built-In Video Player

Unlike more ‘basic’ cloud storage, we give you an in-app video player. No need to download and wait. Watch your videos right in Viddle InteractDrive. Of course we pumped it up with things like: playback speed control, ChromeCast support & audio visualizations

Global File Sharing

It’s generally considered ‘bad-form’ to send a video via email. With Viddle InteractDrive you don’t have to offend, just send a link with a one-click share.

Multi-file Uploader

Life is busy, no one wants to waste time uploading one file at a time...Viddle InteractDrive’s Bulk uploader solves that problem. Up to 5GB at one time!

File Preview

Let’s be honest, we don’t always name our files with the most descriptive names. Viddle InteractDrive solves that problem with top-level file preview tech.

Drag & Drop File Management

Typing out a list of files to upload is time consuming and annoying. Viddle InteractDrive has added Drag&Drop uploads AND file management.

Trash Recovery

Accidentally delete the wrong file? We’ve all been there. Viddle InteractDrive lets you go back in time and get that file back.

‘Upload Complete’ Notifications

We’ve all got better things to do than wait for an upload. Viddle InteractDrive lets you start an upload and then receive a notification when it's done. Go play with the kids or binge that show….we’ll keep working over here.

Built-in URL Shortener

Long file names are the bane of emails and the internet in general. They always seem to lose a character, making it impossible to grab the file. Not a problem with Viddle InteractDrive. Better than bitly, because it's yours.

Built-in Video Watermarking

People are still stealing online. When someone uses your awesome video for their own marketing, and sells it as their own, you lose. No more losing out with our custom video watermarking solution..

Multiple File Sorting Options

Of course you can do the simple sorting, by filename, file size, & date uploaded. But we go beyond the basics to offer you sorting by last access & total downloads.

Detailed File Statistics

No more guessing about your files. Viddle InteractDrive reveals all the secrets of your files. Knowledge is power.

Files Secured On Multiple Locations

We call this a ‘distributed network’. So if there’s a power outage in New York, your files are available in Chicago and everywhere else because they are not on just one computer, but many.

Social Media Sharing & Unique URL Generation

Create different URLs for the same file to use in different scenarios. Track your usage and focus where you have the most success.

Download An Entire Folder As A Zip File.

Don’t waste time selecting and downloading individual files when you need the whole folder. Viddle InteractDrive will zip it up and get you ready in no time.

Files & Folder Password Protection

We let you take your security even more seriously. In addition to our high security protections for all your data, you can also lock your individual files and folders with your own password. #FortKnoxBaby


Social Sauce

Create your own Social Images using SocialSauce. Creating social media images has never been easier using this software. Choose from Cover, Story, or Post. Pick one of the amazing 113 templates. Customize it and upload your Polarizing Masterpiece

The Right Time Is Right Now



Create your own Surprise Products using ScratchThat. Ever scratch off a lottery ticket? Engage your visitors as they have fun scratching this digital version with their mouse to reveal their bonus surprise underneath. This could be anything from a coupon code, $10 Off, or a special bonus of some kind.


We know that you are serious about succeeding in your video marketing business, so much so that you grabbed the Agency offer. (Well done!)


We want to reward your vision and commitment by giving you exclusive permission to sell sub-account access to Viddle INTERACTDrive as a value-added service you can sell to your video marketing clients to grow your business.

Viddle InteractAgency + Viddle Interact Drive = An In-demand Income Stream

Imagine, you get paid for selling Viddle Interact Drive sub-accounts.

And we do all the work

The Right Time Is Right Now

You & Your Clients Can Host, Share, Store and Backup EVERYTHING





Login & Upload Your Files


Just drag and drop your videos and other files. Move them from any device & they will be on the cloud in no time.

Encrypted Storage

Our Light Speed, Dependable Servers Will carefully store and safeguard your files.



Share, View or Link

All Your Files Will Be Ready For Any Job One click sharing, adding to a website is at your fingertips.

Viddle Interact Drive Is The Perfect, Logical Expansion To Your Viddle Interact Video Marketing Business

What You Need For Your Clients

Ability to add/remove clients, easily.

Quick answers to any questions or problems that may arise.

Reliable, always-up service to sell

What You Viddle Interact Drive Gives you

Drive Gives You

Viddle Interact Drive includes an easy to use sub-account area to manage your clients

Viddle Interact Drive includes our top, well trained support squad to help you quickly.

No matter what they tell you, no web service is always up. We are as close to that, as you can be, with 99% uptime on our Viddle Interact Drive’s ultra-fast servers.

What Your Client Needs

Tons of storage for large video files

Rock-solid security to protect intellectual property

Fast, easy, anywhere access

What You Give Them With Your Viddle Interact Drive

Viddle Interact Drive provides all the storage you’ll ever need

Viddle Interact Drive has top-notch security to keep out today’s hackers

Viddle Interact Drive runs on multiple, ultra-fast servers built for video

Fast, easy, anywhere access

With Viddle Interact Drive all of your business files are organized in one place. You can password protect important files and folders. Automatically send emails to your staff when an upload is complete so they can get to work on that next profitable project.

Client Contact Tools

Viddle Interact Drive allows you to send links to individual files for your clients to preview. Our professional video player is sure to impress them as well. And of course all of your client files are protected by our advanced security.

Choose The Package That Works For You...




  • Basic Storage - 100 GB
  •  Unlimited No Clients 
  •  Store & Host Unlimited Websites, Pages,  Images, Videos, Powerpoint, Ebooks, PDF,  MP3s, etc.
  •  50GB Monthly Bandwidth 
  •  Normal File Delivery
  •  Encrypted Storage
  •  Basic Built-in Video Player
  •  Limited sharing of files & folders
  •  Basic Multi-file uploader
  •  Basic File Previewer
  •  Drag & Drop file management
  •  Limited Trash Recovery
  •  Email Notifications
  •  Built-in basic url shortener
  •  Standard Watermarking 
  •  Download multiple files as one zip file
  •  Limited File sorting by filename, file size, and  date uploaded
  •  Basic File Statistics
  •  Distributed File Server
  •  Social Media Sharing & URL Generation
  •  File Password Protection
  •  BONUS 1: Social Sauce
  •  BONUS 2: ScratchThat




  • Unlimited Storage
  •  Unlimited Clients 
  •  Store & Host Unlimited Websites, Pages, Images, Videos, Powerpoint, Ebooks, PDF, MP3s, etc.
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth 
  •  Ultra-Fast File Delivery
  •  Encrypted Storage
  •  Advanced Built-in Video Player (with playback speed control, ChromeCast support & audio visualization)
  •  Global sharing of files & folders
  •  Advanced Multi-file uploader
  •  Deluxe File Previewer
  •  Drag & Drop file management
  •  Extended Trash Recovery
  •  Email Notifications
  •  Built-in PRO url shortener
  •  Advanced Watermarking
  •  Download an entire folder as a zip file
  •  File sorting by filename, file size, date uploaded, last access, total downloads
  •  Detailed File Statistics
  •  Multiple Distributed File Servers
  •  Social Media Sharing & Unique URL Generation
  •  Files & Folder Password Protection
  •  BONUS 1: Social Sauce
  •  BONUS 2: ScratchThat


Try Viddle Interact Drive Completely Risk-Free.

We are backing Viddle Interact Drive as the most user-friendly, powerful cloud storage EVER, because we have used it ourselves and have seen the results.


But we want to be 100% fair with you. So, we are going to ask you to give Viddle Drive a try for 14 days. Use our features, see the speed, upload files, send out share links, even get a paying client, and make some profits.


And if at any time during this period, you feel that Viddle Interact Drive doesn’t meet your expectations somehow…


… just drop us a message at the Support Desk and get your full refund processed instantly.


P.S. And yes, you get to keep all the money you would have made thus far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to install or download anything to set up Viddle Interact Drive?

A: Nope. Viddle Interact Drive is Cloud-based and works on any browser or phone or tablet.

Q: I’m a beginner, is Viddle Interact Drive difficult to use?A: Not at all. While VIddle Interact drive is the most powerful cloud hosting out there, all that power is “kept under the hood” and you just hop in and enjoy the drive!

Q: Are there any hidden costs you’re not telling me about?

A: Not at all. We keep everything on the “up and up’. There’s nothing we are keeping back from you. All the information is right here on this page….there is no “catch”

Q: Will you sell my information to advertisers like ‘the big guys’ do?

A: Never. Your secrets and all your data are safe with us. Everything is ONLY available to you.

Q: Do I have to sell my agency seats (sub-accounts) for any minimum price?

A: No, the agency seats are entirely yours to with as you want. As a matter of fact you could even give sub-accounts to your family and friends. We don’t control your business, you do. Enjoy.

Q: Are you going to raise my cost after I buy from you?

A: Nope, you are grandfathered in at this special launch pricing.

Q: What if I get confused? Or lost? Is there help?

A: You know it, our top-notch, highly trained support team is ready for you ‘round the clock to answer all your questions.

Q: Why is this not a one time price?

A: Let’s be honest you don't want to rely on a “one time price” storage plan. Usually you’ll get a year, maybe two of that storage and then it just stops working. We wanted to be completely transparent with you. We had to find a way to balance the high costs of unlimited storage and bandwidth, while at the same time making it something that you would want to buy. We won't shut down after a year or two, since we are able to charge you a reasonable price that you can't find anywhere else. Our accountants are happy and our customers get a strong offering with reliable, secure cloud storage. A true win-win.

The Right Time Is Right Now

Viddle Interact Drive Checks All The Boxes Your Clients Want For Cloud Storage

Easy To Use - drag&drop convenience, nothing to install

Secure - no one else can get your files. Period.

Safe - our system protects your files from hackers, natural disasters & even human error.

Powerful - share files easily, multi file upload, unattended upload, zip download (enough for the power users out there)

We Are Offering Two Exclusive Bonus ABSOLUTELY FREE When You Upgrade To Viddle Interact DRIVE Today!

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