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Advanced Video Access Settings Choose exactly who’s allowed to see your video before it even uploads

Advanced Video Analytics Understand your viewers behavior to better target them

Demographic Control Decidewhat nations and ages can view your content

Advanced Playlist Access Settings Create customizable showcases for your best videos

Advanced Domain Embed Control Decide which websites can host your videos

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Advanced Video Access Settings

You can set the permissions for your videos, the visibility and privacy settings as well. 


Choose exactly who’s allowed to see your video, before it even uploads. 


You can protect or even completely hide your video from your competitors and share only to your audience. 


So whether you want to make your video open access for all, access by link only, or NO access...we got you covered.

Advanced Video Analytics

Stop wondering what your viewers really want to see. With our Advanced Video Analytics you will understand your viewers behavior & the kind of video content they are craving.


With just a glance you’ll know how your video is performing with different types of viewers and devices. 


You’ll get a detailed look at your audience, so as to better market to them and turn them into paying customers.

Demographic Control

If your content is intended for a particular country or age group, then this feature will make you smile.


You can restrict availability by nation or age groups and more.


If your content is not appropriate for kids, we’ll keep it away from them and so that you won't have to pay any fines.

Advanced Playlist Access Setting

Don’t just “show” your videos, with the Viddle InteractPRO upgrade you can truly “Show Off” your videos. Using our advanced playlists and extensively customizable showcases. 


Go ahead and group related videos together. Or create a video series with episodes linked together into a playlist that can be embedded and enjoyed by your audiences on mobile or desktop--anywhere!

Advanced Domain Embed Control

They are your videos and you should have total control over which websites can access your videos. 


Now you do.


Put an end to lazy marketers stealing your videos and your bandwidth with this powerful feature.

Front-End Reseller Rights

People will see just how powerful and easy to use Viddle Interact is when they interact with your videos.


And without a doubt they are going to ask you how you do it. When they do, you simply send them your affiliate link and you’ll keep 100% of the sale of the front end.

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  • Advanced Video Access Settings 
  •  Advanced Playlist Access Settings
  •  Advanced Video Analytics
  •  Advanced Domain Embed Control
  •  Demographic Control
  •  FE Reseller Rights


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